Profhilo – 2 Sessions Northampton & Rugby


Profhilo® is a unique injectable skin treatment designed to hydrate, tighten and rejuvenate the skin of the face, neck, chest, or hands. Profhilo® is made from pure hyaluronic acid and is also known as an injectable moisturiser. It is the first of its kind.

Unlike dermal fillers, Profhilo® is a honey-like consistency and spreads evenly through your skin, hydrating and remodeling it from within.

Profhilo® is a two-step treatment, with the second being performed four weeks after the first. The second step is essential to gain long-term results from the increased collagen and elastin production, which improves skin laxity.

Profhilo® is a stunning pre-wedding treatment as it will leave your skin looking healthy and fresh for your big day. It is also perfect for that pre-holiday glow. With Profhilo®, you can go on holiday without needing to wear makeup.

It is not only a skin booster, but has a significant tightening and lifting effect on the skin.