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As a renowned authority in her field Miss Ana Sakinyte Known as ‘The Queen of Youth’ is seen regularly on our screens and in newspapers and magazines

The Sun

Dental Care Practitioner Ana Sakinyte, or Queen of Youth, says this can reverse 40% of the work you’ve just done brushing your teeth. She said: “The fluoride takes around 40 minutes to be fully absorbed, so rinsing with water removes this straight after brushing. If we leave

News Anyway

Ana Sakinyte, is the best kept secret in the celebrity world. Known as ‘The Queen of Youth’, she is renowned for an incredible ability to return her patients to their natural youthful appearance and boost their confidence. Ana’s phenomenal skill and expertise are where medical ability and

House of Coco

Learning more about Queen of Youth, Ana Sakinyte in her recent interview taught us that beauty is only skin deep, and what she cares about is her patients feeling confident both inside and out. She is renowned within the aesthetics world for her hard work, tenacity,


I don’t know if it was moving from Sydney to London (from the water to the pollution, this city life is not our skin’s friend), the stresses of my job or simply turning 30, I’ve become much more mindful of my skin lately and every line and crease

The Telegraph

The former Strictly Come Dancing judge Dame Arlene Phillips has undergone cosmetic tweakments for a more youthful look at 78. Gone are the days when a completely new look, whether for lifting,

Living Magazine

Featured in Living Magazine Ana displays full transparency in the industry and what clients need to know about the proceducures.  

Daily Mail

Since Botox first appeared on the market 30 years ago, the treatment has been aimed at women over 50. They, after all, have the wrinkles that botulinum toxin injections temporarily smooth by ‘freezing’ the face. But a new trend for ‘Baby Botox’ promises something very different: