As a woman in her late thirties with an early perimenopause diagnosis, I’m delighted people are becoming comfortable discussing perimenopause and menopause. The conversation has opened, particularly regarding mental health aspects. Amongst the symptoms are reduced confidence, poor self-esteem, low mood, anxiety, tension and nervousness, reduced concentration, and brain fog. And that’s before you add in the concerns you might feel about your changing body!
With the menopause transition lasting between around 7 to 14 years, that’s far too long not feeling your best. Perimenopause and menopause affect your outward appearance in different ways, with potential dryness and thinning of your skin, accelerated fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, adult acne, dry or thinning lips. Exacerbated by tired appearance as you may have dark circles or puffiness around your eyes from lack of sleep, or Melasma (dark skin patches linked to HRT), the list goes on. If you know you’re not looking your best, it’s a further hit to mental
From many years experience as a Medical Aesthetics Practitioner (and of course, as a woman!) I totally understand the importance of feeling the best you can, and how this will have a positive impact on your mental health through life, and in particular the menopause transition. I’ve developed a Menopause Menu that can be a catalyst for improving your confidence, a menopause-mender if you like. The way I treat patients is through a gentle, subtle process. I will never make a patient look like they’ve had significant treatments. Patients won’t get a ‘frozen face’ or ‘surprised look’, I don’t ‘overdo’ filler or do ‘trout pouts’ even when asked. Just a tweak here and there, a combination of treatments completely tailored to the individual.
Through my bespoke consultation technique, I gain complete understanding of each patient and do a thorough assessment enabling us to select the treatments that I know will address their concerns and help them look their best. Thus, restoring confidence, self-esteem and making them feel rejuvenated and revitalized.


Personally, I always prefer to start with the skin. Skin is like a canvas, and treating that canvas right means we have the best foundation for any other aesthetic treatment, providing an opportunity for treatment to be more effective and last longer.
• Skin Boosters
• Chemical Peels
• Medical Grade Skincare
• Collagen Supplements


• Bunny lines
• Forehead lines
• Dimpled chin
• Crows feet
• Brow lift


• Nose to mouth folds
• Tear trough
• Under eye hollowing
• Cheek contour and volume


• Liquid Facelift
• PDO Thread Lift
• Jawline lifting


• Dark circles
• Tear trough & under eye hollowing
• Crows feet
• Brow lift


• Moisturise
• Definition and volume
• Barcode lines
• Lip flip


• Marionette lines (downturned mouth)
• Lower


• Botox treatment for excessive sweating


• Treatment on dark skin patches from pregnancy/HRT


• Neck lines & tightening
• Nefertiti neck lift
• Anti-aging
• Brown spots
• Hand rejuvenation


One-size certainly doesn’t fit all – every patient is unique and whether just one, or multiple treatments are required, together we’ll come up with a plan that makes you look and feel your best again. If you’d like to discuss any aspect of skincare or aesthetics, please feel free to
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