Beautiful Skin for spring

The building blocks to look your absolute best

I consider great skin to be the best foundation to support aesthetic treatments, encouraging
my patients to look at their skin as a canvas upon which we can start a beautiful painting. So,
I make no apologies for always talking to patients about their skin.
Ageing, sun damage, scar tissue and unhealthy living can all affect our skin and the way we
look and feel. Medical grade skincare and injectable skin boosters can help restore a smooth,
firm texture of skin. Spring is a great time to get to work on skin, reaping the rewards ready
for early summer occasions and holidays with glowing skin and elevated confidence.

Bespoke Skincare

Medical grade skin care is a service I can offer virtually or face-to-face with a complimentary
skin analysis to recommend skin products tailored just for you. I passionately believe that
great skin starts with great skincare. Advances in cosmetology now mean that products with
high-quality active ingredients really can work wonders for your skin. Applying the right
products daily for a sustained period will not only protect your skin but can transform it.

A Spring boost is just the thing!

My patients are benefitting from new injectable skinboosters which deliver superb results,
restoring the quality, radiance and youthfulness of the skin, and can also tackle problem areas
such as the eye area, neck, hands, scars and acne scarring. Many patients are so pleased with
the results of their skinboosters they choose to go without foundation makeup as a result.

Skinboosters will:

• Increase collagen production

• Regenerate damaged and ageing tissues

• Promote skin hydration & elasticity

And optimise your skin to get the best enhancement of other aesthetic treatments
(skinboosters are compatible with all the aesthetic treatments I offer).

There is no downtime after treatment, which depending on your skin is scheduled over two
to four appointments, each around two to three weeks apart. With that in mind, although
results are visible after approximately two weeks, your skinbooster treatment is best started a
couple of months prior to any significant occasions.

So, to help patients look and feel their absolute best I guide them with these building blocks:

Registered Dental & Medical Aesthetics practitioner Ana Sakinyte holds regular clinics in:

London, Amersham, Maidenhead, Oxford, Northampton and Rugby.

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