Approaching a tricky subject…

Can we talk about your face?
I recently took part in a radio interview for Wycombe Sound with gorgeous Mimi Harker. She posed a question that many people ask. “I’m a woman of a certain age. I’m thinking, gosh, I don’t want to look my age anymore. When you look at me, if the world were your oyster, what would you do?”

A good consultation is crucial; my assessment starts as soon as you come through the door, not as soon as you sit on my chair. I assess the face, the way you talk, the way you smile, the way you look at me, how you look at the surroundings, and this helps me understand your character. I can predict what you’re here for.

As a mentor for other aesthetics practitioners, I encourage them to look at the face as a canvas. It’s a
painting, isn’t it? And it’s a beautiful painting. When a patient comes into the clinic, we start with assessing the skin – this makes the canvas ready to support the beautiful painting.

From here, we discuss treatments that would work best for each patient depending on individual needs, if they have a diary event etc. I consider the long-term benefits of treatments; for me it’s never about a quick sale, it’s looking at how I can help improve each patient’s confidence and lifestyle. I regularly say ‘No’ if I think a treatment won’t benefit a patient or get the result they desire. Equally I make sure my patients know what’s available when I think a treatment would complement them.

When advising other aesthetic practitioners, I always communicate how important it is to
establish an approach that makes patients feel comfortable so we can decide on the best course
of treatments for their individual needs. I’m hearing increasingly that patients don’t want to
feel ‘processed,’ they want a personalised approach.

For example, I’ve been looking after Jenny for a year now. “I was happy with my previous
treatments, but the experience felt soulless. I stood in various positions to be photographed,
there was a paperwork part, but less conversation regarding my lifestyle/likes/dislikes/feelings. I had the treatment I booked in for, but there was no long-term plan.

“Chatting with a friend who’d been visiting Ana for a while, I thought how great he looked
and decided to book an appointment. From the moment I met Ana I knew I was in safe hands.
Ana’s expertise is obvious; my first anti-wrinkle consultation didn’t feel clinical at all… Ana
looked at me in a completely new way, gently and discretely getting me to look in a variety
of directions and make facial expressions without making it feel obvious.”

“I’m delighted I found Ana. My goal wasn’t necessarily to appear younger, but healthy and relaxed. Pre-Ana I looked a bit exhausted! In the past year I’ve had some Botox, Profhilo skin treatment and a couple of areas treated with fillers. It’s increased my confidence and boosted my mental health. The effects are natural looking (especially important to me), I’m told I look well, or my skin is nice.”

“Ana genuinely wants to make her patients look and feel great, you can’t help but notice her passion and generosity. It’s given me the confidence to try new treatments knowing I’m in her expert hands. I regularly recommend Ana to friends, several of who are now converts and all say the same thing – there’s something about Ana that puts you at ease straight away.”

So, while I make sure I’m always aware of, and highly skilled in the latest treatments and
products, I will never forget the importance of creating the best scenario to encourage my
patients to speak openly about their concerns. A thorough assessment combined with the right
treatments means my patients continue to be happy, confident and looking fabulous.
Registered Dental & Medical Aesthetics practitioner Ana Sakinyte holds regular clinics in
London, Amersham, Maidenhead, Oxford, Northampton and Rugby.

W: Queen of Youth | Maidenhead

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